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The Entanglements Department

For years we’ve tried to solve social problems in silos, as if they were disconnected from one another. There’s the hunger cause, the poverty cause, the literacy cause, the social justice cause, the mental health cause, and on and on. Often, even when people think big, they think big inside the prison of a system of silos. They ask, “Which of these problems should we pick to dream about solving?” But what if it doesn’t work that way? What if your efforts to solve for maternal health end up being undermined because you didn’t include transportation? What if it’s impossible to solve the problems one at a time because they’re all connected? What if it’s actually easier to address them all at the same time, holistically, recognizing that they are all connected – that they are all one big ecosystem of problems?

The Entanglements Department is all about understanding the tangled webs that connect all of the problems we want to solve, recognizing that solving all of them together is the only way we’ll ever solve any one of them.

Check out just a few of these connections…

Hi, I’m Jon Romine. I’m committed to a broad mapping of the connections between the suffering we want to alleviate. Let’s get together and talk about how you see the entanglements. I‘d love to talk. Email me and I’ll get in touch.

Check out just a few of these connections…