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Community Leadership

Given no single entity can solve a big social problem alone, Collaboratory is using our community leadership role to resource, engage, and coordinate regional coalitions of cross-sector partners aligned around shared goals to change regional outcomes and make SWFL an even better place to live, work, learn, and play.

The coalition strategy extends across sectors and is informed by the success of our prototype: FutureMakers Coalition. This initiative drives education-workforce development from cradle to career with a cross-sector alliance of hundreds of public, private, nonprofit, and governmental organizations, all working together to create transformational change in the percentage of Southwest Floridians with credentials beyond a high school diploma or GED. This prepares them with the skills they need to improve their lives and meet the needs of regional employers with a sustainable workforce pipeline.

At its core, the coalition model spans four interactive components working in complementary top-down and bottom-up directions to inform data-driven efforts and outcomes:

  • Backbone Organizations guide vision and strategy, support aligned activities, establish shared measurement practices, build public will and coalition identity, work to advance crucial public policies, and mobilize funding.
  • Guiding Teams serve as a bridge from backbone organizations to regional action teams.
  • Regional Action Teams marshal and facilitate content experts and stakeholders to support coalition goals.
  • Project Teams work on the frontlines by piloting projects to transform goals into outcomes.

In 2022, in concert with hundreds of individuals and organizations, we collectively identified the issues of housing and health as the next most-pressing areas of need. Based on that data, we’ve modeled FutureMakers Coalition to establish two new regional coalitions: Home and Health & Wellness. Two additional coalitions (Place and Environment) are in the wings as community engagement and crucial groundwork continue to drive momentum. We invite you to join this pioneering community effort to transform our region.