Our Scholarships Program

In 2021, we awarded $1,002,350 to 146 students. They came from all over Southwest Florida — high school seniors, undergraduate students and grad students from all walks of life. Scholarships are available for students and adult learners seeking or continuing education at vocational/technical colleges, community colleges, state colleges and universities. We are looking forward to awarding more students this upcoming May.

Our scholarship application is currently closed, but it is never too late to begin preparing. Below, you will find a list of what you will need to apply this fall.

To apply:

  • Check out your eligibility for financial aid by completing a “Free Application for Federal Student Aid.” You can do that at this official U.S. government website.
  • Get your most up-to-date transcript — official or unofficial.
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from someone outside your family.
  • Fill out our online application. Our application will open November 7th, 2022.

Whether we offer you a scholarship or not, you’ll learn a lot about yourself through the process. We also have mentors available to our scholarship applicants. These are people who care deeply about your human potential. Be bold — apply this fall.

Apply here

Hi, I’m Malaina Mote. I lead the scholarships program. I’m deeply committed to helping students of all ages get the learning opportunities they deserve. Email me or give me a ring at 239 308 1214 and I’ll get in touch.