Welcome to the greatest community problem-solving initiative in American history.

In 2021, we changed our name from the Southwest Florida Community Foundation to Collaboratory. It was about something much bigger than a name change. We put our new name on the line for the specific change we seek to achieve. 

We are committed to coordinating the solving of all of Southwest Florida’s major social problems on an eighteen-year deadline. All of them. In eighteen years. Not alone, but with everyone—the entire community working together across all five counties. Two years in, we are well on our way to creating the infrastructure required to coordinate the achievement of this goal on the scale and in the way NASA coordinated hundreds of thousands of people to get us to the moon in nine years. That’s what’s required.

We have five coalitions formed and forming that capture the universe of issues we are addressing. These coalitions work on the ground to identify needs and solutions, then come together in real time—daily—to synthesize what they’re learning and translate it into cogent visions, plans and ideas for interconnected problem-solving. The five coalitions are FutureMakers, Home, Health & Wellness, Environment, and Place. The FutureMakers, Home, and Health Coalitions are up and running as we speak. For more information, or to sign up for one, visit, Join a Coalition.

We are also ongoingly in the process of explaining what we’re up to, in-depth, to anyone who’s excited about it. Want to know how you can get involved? Join us for an upcoming Explanation Session. If you’re one of our existing fundholders, our relationships are only going to get better. Our Givers & Giving Department is ready to talk to you about anything you need at any time. We’re also here to have a Zoom conversation or an email exchange about any of the other things we do, from scholarships to grants to sending you an Annual Report.

We’re reimagining everything a community foundation can and should be. It’s going to be breathtaking. Come with us. Click on the path on which you’d like to begin: