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Partnership Agreement

This partnership agreement outlines the values, shared expectations, and commitments for the coalition partners. The coalition partners agree to support the formation, development, operation, and sustainability of the coalition through the following:


    • Work to align organizational focus, activities and resources with the goals, strategies and activities of the coalition.
    • Develop and execute clear plans of action to make improvements on collective impact goals, incorporating best and promising practices and leveraging assets of the coalition and its partners to maximize effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Instill shared responsibility within the coalition by completing tasks volunteered and or assigned bv the coalition and encouraging other partners to hold themselves accountable for their respective commitments.
    • Honor agreements and decisions made by the coalition.
    • Promote and participate in continuous improvement processes, including a focus on data-driven decision making.
    • Respect the confidentiality of data or other information when shared in confidence within the coalition.
    • Where appropriate, measure progress by tracking, sharing, and communicating progress on leading and lagging indicators and, where applicable, establish future goals for these measures.
    • When appropriate and or agreed upon, communicate the work of the coalition to organize communities through appropriate channels.
    • Participate in outreach activities to ensure needed partners are involved, including communities most affected by the issues that are addressed by the coalition.
    • Ensure that a representative of your organization attends no less than 75% of regular meetings of the coalition, sharing data, knowledge, information, and resources.
    • Stay informed and engaged between meetings by reviewing meeting notes and other materials.

Signing this agreement signifies that your organization can identify with the values of the coalition. We invite you to incorporate these principles into your organizational culture from which your team, Board of Directors, partners, and other stakeholders may better identify and rally around our collective, regional goal.

Partnership with the coalition reflects that you and your entire organization are committed to working together – across silos – to solve and address the entangled nature of the social issues we all face. Our collective success is strengthened by the alignment of your organizational goals and objectives with those of the coalition.

This Partnership Agreement is a statement of intent only; it is not legally binding upon the parties and implies no financial commitment on the part of any partner member.