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FutureMakers Coalition: Our Workforce Initiative

An audacious community-wide collaboration to create a skilled and sustainable workforce pipeline.

It was our first initiative with a powerful goal: 55% of working-age adults will have college degrees, workforce certificates, industry certifications or other high-quality credentials. It gave us the confidence to go even bigger.

The FutureMakers Coalition formed in 2015. It is a designated Talent Hub in national recognition of its collaborative nature. We prioritize equity. It walks the cradle to career pathway. That starts with great early childhood learning and ends with getting a post-high school credential and career connections that lead to meaningful, prosperous work. How do we do it? We connect an untapped workforce with the education and training they need to fill in-demand jobs. We take away barriers. We create a culture of career exploration and aspiration from an early age.

Over 140 cross-sector organizations and more than 250 active partners are involved — businesses, schools, government, philanthropies, citizens and student across Glades, Hendry, Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties. By working regionally, we attract state and national funding and expertise, and broaden the best practices we can share.

We believe every idea and inspiration increases our success. We welcome anyone to become a FutureMaker. Tessa LeSage runs FutureMakers for us. Contact her to find out more and start your involvement. You can also check out

Do you need to go back to school to get a better-paying job? Short-term options are available. Sign up to talk to a Navigator today.

Hi, I’m Tessa LeSage. This region, and helping the people who live here realize their full career potential – those are my passions. Let’s set up a Zoom or meeting to talk about what we’re up to and where you could fit into our wonderful network of dreamers. Email me or give me a ring at 239 308 1018 and I’ll get in touch.