Collabraday! Wednesday, June 16th, 1:00 pm

Join us for a full-unveiling of our plans to coordinate the solving of all of our region’s social problems on a daring timeline. RSVP now.


RSVP to attend the most inspiring 90-minutes you’ve ever spent online. We’ll explain our plans to you. Talk about what solving social problems has in common with getting to the moon. Show you how we intend to coordinate the building of the metaphoric spaceships we need to do that. You’ll leave with a visceral understanding of our seriousness, and probably more than a dream or two about how you can become fundamentally involved.


“After they had explored all of the stars in the universe, and all of the planets around each sun, they realized they were alone, and they were glad, because they now knew they would have to become all of the things they had hoped to find.”

— Lanford Wilson