Over $90.1 million in grants. 612 funds. $146.7 million in assets. In 2020 we made $6.8 million in grants.

Prudence is our north star.

Our long-term investment objective is to preserve the real, inflation-adjusted, post-spending purchasing power of the assets with which donors entrust us. That’s a specific way of saying we’re very prudent with our investing. Investments are carefully diversified so we’re not too heavily invested in any single asset class or stock, and so that risk is managed carefully. We expect our investments to meet or exceed established benchmarks for their class. Each year, we give away grants equivalent to 3-5% of our fund balances. Our Portfolio Oversight Committee oversees our investment policy and managers.



Impact Investing

Impact Investing is a strategy for achieving social returns as well as financial returns on our investments. We have an Impact Investing Committee that was established in 2019. It’s a group of board members who are impassioned about identifying organizations that are producing real social returns — to the environment, health, the disempowered and the disadvantaged — that we can consider adding to our portfolio. Let us know if you have one in mind.



Important Financial Documents

Audited Statements

Southwest Florida Community Foundation, Inc.
IRS Forms 990 & 990-T
IRS Determination Letter

SWFLCF Support Organization, Inc.
IRS Form 990
IRS Determination Letter

Pedro (“Cuban Pete”) Aguilar and Barbara Craddock Endowment, Inc.
IRS Form 990
IRS Determination Letter

Hi, I’m Ron Penn, Collaboratory’s Chief Financial Officer. I’ve been here for fifteen years. Numbers are my thing, especially when they intersect with helping others. I’d be happy to set up some time for a Zoom or a call to discuss our financials or our investment policy further. Email me or give me a ring at 239 308 1027 and I’ll get in touch within 24 hours.