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Collaboratory Coalition Funding Requests for Information is Now Open through May 13th.

Help for Your Nonprofit

The best way to start is for us to have a conversation. Trisha Botty is our primary liaison to local nonprofits and social enterprises. The contact button is just over there to your right.  We can talk about your capacity, growth, staff and board needs. There’s also a lot out there you can read. Some of it’s jargon-laden. Some of it’s old and obsolete. In talking, we can find out what you really need and point you in the right direction.

If you’re looking for powerful tools for getting your staff and your board on the same page and getting them thinking boldly, you won’t find better ones than those developed by Dan Pallotta. Dan is a consultant to Collaboratory and has led powerful trainings for our nonprofits. We apply his ideas to our own work. Through a special partnership with Collaboratory, Dan offers a 10% discount on his Bold Training online, Donor Kits, Staff and Board Kits, and books to our select partners. Visit danpallotta.com. Be sure to check out the kits and The Bold Training online especially.